The real multi-function phone, Xiaocai X6

With the common appearance, do you believe a phone with such powerful functions? It is unbelievable that it can be used as a mobile battery and flashlight.Although made from a This powerful phone is Xiaocai X6 smart phone whose good performance can give you a relaxing tour.

The common smart phone has less than 3000mAh battery and the electricity is enough to use for a long time. But if you go out,the electricity is not enough for contacting and using. You need a mobile battery to fill electricity with your phone.Xiaocai X6 smart phone has a wonderful function that has 5000mAh battery. Not just used for itself,it also can be used for charging the other phones. When you have outdoor activities or business trip, you won’t be worried about the electricity of phone will be run out and you will be dangerous at the outdoor.With the giving multi-plug cable, you can charge your iPhone and the other smart phones.The flashlight can help you lighten the road for safety. Possessing just 177 inch screen,it also has dual SIM card slots which can give you a convenient using. Such powerful phone also has 0.3mega pixeXiaocai X6 1.77-inch Outdoor Mobile Phone With Mobile Chargerl that you can use it for taking some simple photos to the other people to know your situation.Just for the large capacity battery,I have already wanted to buy it to make my tours more assured and safer. And the function of dual SIM cards can give me a balanced life.About its appearance,it is traditional but it looks special and energetic.There is a case covered around the edge of phone for protecting and you won’t be worried about that it will be destroyed at the outdoor activities.

Who said that the common phone without great performance? Xiaocai X6 smart phone is a good example to broke your wrong thought.Choosing it to gain a wonderful tour is so cool!

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