Protection, The Soul Of Outdoor Smartphone

Following the soaring development of modern smartphone industry, it is inevitable that modern outdoor smartphone will be enriched by larger screen, enhanced camera and more recreational elements. However, all these evolution inside and revolution outside seems to change the device better, but it has abandoned the essence of outdoor smartphone in my kind of view — ingress protection, fortunately, Hummer can remedy its dignity at least.
Hummer H5 4-inch Waterproof Outdoor Sports Amateur Smartphone
Similar to ordinary outdoor smartphone, Hummer H5 Waterproof has adopted 4 inch screen, latest OS and better camera as well, whereas, nobody can deny it a fortitude outdoor smartphone unite closely around ingress protection. In fact, accompany with virtual IP68 grade of protection, you will enjoy the privilege of do whatever you want. With highest 8 class of waterproof competence, you can crazily bury it under deep water for a long time, no to mention suffering raining, drizzling or dipping into water unconsciously during outdoor adventure. Besides, you still can take it along when diving or swimming and easily capture a beautiful scenery under the water. What a virtual waterproof outdoor smartphone Hummer H5 Waterproof Smartphone is!
Hummer H1+ 3.54-inch Waterproof Outdoor Sports Amateur Smartphone
Besides, another vital component part which consist of true all-around ingress protection can not be separated with completed anti-touch protection, Hummer H1+ Waterproof is the representative of all. Surely you will be captured by top 6 class of anti-solid ingress protection, which has sealed from top to bottom. Basically all the object and substance can not invade its comprehensive protection, even those hazardous powder with extreme tiny radius will not create any damage in case of internal failure. Freely can you dispose it under extreme conditions like desert, dust-haze and sand storm without be haunted with fear all the time. In addition, come with IP67 grade of ingress protection, it is no exaggeration to say Hummer H1+ Waterproof Smartphone capable to be kicked, smashed and threw without deadly damage.

Apparently, we all acknowledge that waterproof, shockproof and dustproof competence are the soul of any outdoor smartphone, accompany with extraordinary IP67 and IP68 class of ingress protection, how many outdoor smartphone outperform than Hummer concurrently to be honest ?

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