Portable Power Bank Is Waterproof Now!

Yes, you are hearing right, exterior power bank is now waterproof currently! Deeply inside our recognition and impression, seems that large capacity power bank has little connection to waterproof competence without all questions. However, following the development of packaging technology, nothing is impossible. Under this background, probably the first waterproof replacement battery among the market is born– Waterproof Dustproof Power Bank.
8000mAH Waterproof Dustproof Crashproof Power Bank For Mobile Phone
At rough glance only will you know it know it dissimilar compare to traditional power bank. Rather than a polished and solid plastic coverage, Waterproof Dustproof Power Bank is covered by a special layer of cotton material from top to bottom, which is processed by special workmanship in order to reach IPX65 waterproof standard. In other words, the surface of the power bank can effectively “refuse” the invasion of water temporarily. Of course, such a staggering anti-water competence can be maintained as long as not dipping the device into water for long time.
8000mAH Waterproof Dustproof Crashproof Power Bank For Mobile Phone
More than just a simplex extra power bank, a considerate card slot can be utilized on gathering your paper currency or public transportation cards conveniently, just in case of all the card messing up. I doubt no similar power bank available among the market with convenience like this.
8000mAH Waterproof Dustproof Crashproof Power Bank For Mobile Phone
Of course, despite of superb specialties above, Waterproof Dustproof Power Bank is playing a role as power source in the final analysis, so, its charge and discharge performance will define its fate whatsoever. As a matter of fact, a 8000mAh is not massive but ample to provide charging service for your iPhone 5 more than twice. Lithium polymer is the content be built-in, which is the symbol of safe charging and zero explosion, short circuit proof and overheat proof. In a way, such a outstanding performance can win 4.5 stars comment I think.

Mind you, keep digging, you will realize Waterproof Dustproof Power Bank is dustproof and crachproof as well, no wonder you can make good utilize of this first waterproof replacement battery ever both indoors and outdoors.

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