What Performance Should a Good 3D Glasses Have

3D glasses use polarization technology to create an illusion of three-dimensional images through restricting the light which reaches each eye. To achieve this, two images are projected in a superimposed manner on to the same screen or displayed through the different polarizing filter.


In today’s modern world, 3D Glasses have become a necessity at each and every home be it for gaming or having a 3D movie experience. If you are looking to improve your family’s game time or want to have movies viewing to a crisp life you will need not look any further than using the 3D technology. This technology has grown into the mainstream with the latest 3D TV and gear.

3D Glasses

Qualities of a Good Pair of 3D Glasses

With increasing amounts of movies and television programs, most people are failing to take into account some of the basic features of 3D glasses. So let us break down what qualities 3D glasses should have.

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1). Passive circular shape.

3D glasses should have a passive circular shape that makes the wearing of the glasses simple in addition to providing a crisp smooth 3D image which does not break down.


2). Lightweight and Comfortable.

3D glasses should have the least weight so as not to act as a weigh down factor yo its user when wearing them. When wearing 3D glasses the user should be able to move freely with comfort when adjusting his viewership.

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3).Reflection cut down.

Good 3D glasses should have the perfect curvature that prevents reflection of light from outside light sources. Reflection of light on the surface of the glasses tends to lower the quality of images being viewed. The reflected light can also be a discomfort to the eye. To improve on this, most 3D glass makers have added an extra anti-reflective layer to their glasses.


4). Long lasting.

Glass being a delicate breakable material, one should seek to buy 3D glasses that are strong and resistant to medium falls as well as searches on the lenses. A solution to this is the acquisition of plastic lenses compared to glass lenses. They provide a long shelf life.

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5). Battery life.

3D glasses that use the shutter technology do rely on the use of an energy source like a battery. Such glasses should possess the power of having an extended battery life so that the will not require constant charging in between viewing. This interrupts the continuous flow.



With 3D movies gaining much-needed popularity around the world and a number of 3D TVs coming onto the market. It is almost impossible to ignore their coming wave, and now with the above qualities, you can pick the best possible 3D glasses that will bring out the most out of your families entertainment be it in gaming or movie watching.





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