Parameters Review Of Ulefone U5S+, Practical Will Be Enough

A smartphone which gather 5-inch screen with 1080P resolution, Snapdragon 801 processor, 1GB RAM and 8GB RAM internal storage, 5MP+8MP camera combination as well as Android operating system together is voted as ideal middle-end smartphone configuration in the view of most consumer, according to relevant investigation. So, judge by standard like this, can a brand new Ulefone U5S+ Smartphone cater to people’s preference?
Ulefone U5S+ 5-inch MTK6582M 1.3GHz Quad-core OTG Smartphone
In consideration of basic parameters to be exposed, it definitely is the symbol of practical, in other words, it will bound to be consumer’s favorable smartphone. Exactly the same as ideal middle-end smartphone, Ulefone U5S+ comes with identical 5-inch IPS display touch screen with OGS technology, although 720P resolution is slightly lower, however, we all can foresee sufficient legibility, saturation and radiation-less display effect.

As far as the “engine” is concerned, even though U5S+ is powered by MTK6582M 1.3GHz Quad-core processor with Mali-400 GPU only, it is pretty close in contrast to 801 processor in the aspect of reacting pace, processing smoothness and flexibility. Mind you, despite of tiny performance discrepancy, processor derive from MTK has its natural advantage– cost, hence, an expensive reference price will never be tagged on U5S+.
Ulefone U5S+ 5-inch MTK6582M 1.3GHz Quad-core OTG Smartphone
Of course, Ulefone U5S+ Smartphone is obviously not a flash vase with nothing special, an innovative fingerprint design is one of its uniqueness. Similar to well-known high-end smartphone like iPhone 6, it can effectively sublimate smartphone safety to new boundary and enable better using convenience concurrently.

In the meanwhile, if you compare 2MP front camera stem from U5S+ to a standard cell phone, it doesn’t take any advantage, but a 8MP rear camera is enjoyable as the one above. f/2.0 lens with flashlight and auto focus is more than enough to conform to bottomless shooting demand from modern people. In short, it is no so much enough as qualified.
Ulefone U5S+ 5-inch MTK6582M 1.3GHz Quad-core OTG Smartphone
Taken as a whole, there is no suspense that Ulefone U5S+ will never target unrealistic goal compare to other devices, but the fact is, you will find it worthy if making a purchase at cost of less than 125USD.

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