Why The Most Original Accessory Is The Best?

Behind each smartphone, especially the hot one, I reckon there are numerous of its accessories in different functions and accessibilities available at the moment, such a massive quantity and types are more than your imagination. Without a doubt, they are novel, aesthetic and kind of innovative, but not original, which is an Achill’s heel I think.
CUBOT S168 5-inch Android 4.4 MTK6582 1.3GHz Quad-core Smartphone
Take one simple example, when choosing protective case for your terrific CUBOT S168, I’m sure that 99% of options among the market are more beautiful and practical than CUBOT S168 Leather Case to be fair, no matter in what kind of aspect are you considering, it is not a foremost choice obviously, but nothing can conceal its superb originality whatsoever. No other than original specification, incompatibility will no longer exist any more, that means never will accidental damage happens when install or remove the case. In addition, more tiny details like hollow the speaker, camera and jack port out is accurate without tiny redundancy.
Flip View Window Protective PU Leather Case For CUBOT S168
Moreover, another reason why I insist original is better can be answered by safety problem, which is crucial both for the smartphone and us, I reckon CUBOT S168 1900mAh Battery can explain everything. Looks out of date already and it doesn’t come with massive capacity naturally, but it will always be my foremost choice, because of originality. In the view of battery, originality stands for absolute safety, no short circuit, no over heart and no explosion will be caused, not to mention overload. In the meanwhile, thanks to original specification, you still can extend its lifespan substantially. Mind you, it is also the only solution to solve battery shortage problem instantly.
Original 1900mAh Battery Replacement For CUBOT S168
Last but not least, owning to superb original workmanship, CUBOT S168 Screen Protector can offer better all-around screen protection without all questions, which is crucial for a delicate display section. Unlike unknown screen protector that doesn’t come with proper size, dust, greasy or impact may ruin the rest which is not covered, in contrast, an original protector can guarantee one to one size and consistent quality. With this transparent protector assembled, you don’t have to be haunted with fear all the time.

In short, original accessory may probably not the most beautiful or cost-effective, but it is definitely the most friendly to our smartphone.

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