The Best 6 Advantages of Having Oneplus6 Smartphone

The latest range of specs for smartphones publishes a high exploration of greatness. What useful advantages does your phone possess? Are there any features which identify your phone as unique? Today, the Oneplus6 Android smartphone has moved a large scale of admiration and quality features. The descriptions of this smartphone are explored below in detail.

oneplus 6

The best 6 Advantages of having Oneplus6 smartphone

1.Very High Internet Speed

Oneplus6’s features enable the user to access faster internet at 4G VoLTE super speed. With a capacity of 8GB RAM, it allows you to open different browsing pages at a go with great on top roaming. Simultaneous running of applications is a wonderful synergy.

2.Design and water resistant

The Oneplus6 has a way of design that is precise and elegant in look. The curvatures of every button both inside and outside are beyond the measure of great masterpiece crafting.  Oneplus6 is lightweight ranging with mirror black, night black colour variations. The outer lining of the phone’s shell is made of anodized aluminium which is water resistant.  It guards your phone against rain and comes with waterproof protection.

oneplus 63.The screen display and the Operating System

The Oneplus6 comes with Oxygen OS Android 8.1 version to create a very fast and efficient process operations of utilities, which offers great software optimization which works better for everyone. This a guarantee to do different works with little or fewer obstructions of delay. The display of Oneplus6 comes with a 19:9 ratio to enable you to see more at once. The CPU running the phone’s system is the Snapdragon 845 2.8GHz.

4.The high Capacity Battery system

The battery capacity 3300mAh built in the phone is marvellous. Altogether, the charging system of Oneplus6 is 5V/4A enhances energy efficiency. This phone charges quickly and does not consume much energy during the charging process.

oneplus 6

5.High sensitive Screen and 128 GB storage capacity

The size of the screen is 6.28inch enhanced with an AMOLED capacitive screen that has a 3D Corning Gorilla Glass 5 type. The resolution of the phone’s screen is 2280×1080 pixels produces a clear vision even during the night. The phone’s ROM is large enough to store above 80 applications. This memory store also is advantageous in keeping more files of data and gallery. Internal backup storage can be stored too within the memory to offer systems backup.

oneplus 6

6. Dual Sim Card and more support features

Oneplus6 has a dual sim card and also with earphone port. It has bands 2G, 3G, and 4G for supporting the systems operations. The phone supports video file format, audio file format and the image file format. More support features include; Fingerprint Scanner, WIFI (Hotspot, MiMO, Display, Direct and Dual Band), HIFI category AW8738, USB 2.0, Bluetooth support which supports aptX and aptX HD, a GPS, multi-language application, Messages feature both SMS and MMS, and multi-touch smart key screen. The phone has a gravity sensor, P-sensor, L-sensor, Compass, Accelerometer, calculator, calendar, clock Gyroscope, OTG, OTA, NFC, and RGB all installed.

oneplus 6

The brand of this smartphone Oneplus6 is one which does not settle for less. The features above are incomparable and sought after in most smartphones. Choosing the desired smartphone depends on its usefulness and capabilities which are best suitable.For more details about the product, please check here.

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