OnePlus 6: Everything You Need to Know

This amazing smartphone jammed-packed with high-quality specs, a fine back, and front camera and a stunning OLED display will take you to a whole new experience. Though it might be more pricey than your average smartphone, you will never regret any cent you invested. Fantastic appearance built with outstanding performance, a phone you’ll never want to miss. This one plus 6 is believed to be one of the best phones in the market currently.

OnePlus 6

Magnificent Hardware

OnePlus 6 is the latest and most innovative smartphone that can surely go head-on with your everyday hectic tasks and activities.


Since it was unveiled to the public, OnePlus 6 has offered its units in two variations of colors and designs: red and white. The deep shade of red in glossy back, mixed with black at the front cover, while the eye-candy white was matte-finished, dazzled with rose gold on the sides; also available in mirror black and white variations. Topped with 6.28 inch OLED display, 3D Corning, Gorilla, Glass 5.

OnePlus 6


One of the most noticeable shifts in OnePlus 6 is the camera built. The two cameras at the back were designed vertically to help improve capturing quality added with LED flash. Camera 1 capturing at 16 MP and Camera 2 at 20 MP. Its front camera will finely capture at 16 MP.

OnePlus 6

Headphones and Speakers:

The 3.5mm headphone jack still remains at the bottom of the phone and the speakers along the jack are loud without compromising sound quality.

SIM Slots:

For the first time, OnePlus 6 offers dual SIM slots, available for LTE connection.


OnePlus 6 will never let you down with its 3300 mAh none- removable battery.

OnePlus 6

Spectacular Specs 

OnePlus 6 was astonishingly built without compromising its performance. This phone was created with 64 GB RAM storage and 128 ROM storage. With the operating system running on H2OS, Adreno630 on GPU and Snapdragon 845 2.8GHz CPU, OnePlus6 has a lot of space with lighting speed processing, a priceless perk, especially for gamers. It also offers advanced fingerprint and faces recognition security feature to ensure the privacy and safety of your phone.

OnePlus 6

Should you buy it?

Definitely! Every dime spent on OnePlus 6 is worth its priceless design and performance. One of the most advanced smartphones available in the market today, this phone will never leave you disappointed. Going head-on with life, whether career-wise, entertainment or adventure, OnePlus 6 is the smartphone can depend on without any worries. Spend your money on an investment worth having. Grab OnePlus6 today and experience its magnificence!

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