Oneplus 5 Review

Are you looking for a smartphone that keeps you connected with the world? You are at the right place. One Plus 5 is the newest model you can not afford to miss. The friendly gadget is currently on sale at around six hundred dollars including all shipping and tax required to have the phone delivered at your doorstep. Oneplus comes loaded with all accessories and the special Oneplus 5 case.

 Oneplus 5 case

Why you need Oneplus 5?

This smartphone has amazing features that make it stand out among other smartphones on the market. Its 8GB ram is overwhelmingly interesting offering you the fastest internet browsing you can ever imagine.

One plus 5 has all the connection available in the current world. With 2G, 3G, and 4G connection available, you have the freedom to choose the one suitable for you. Have in mind that the internet connection differs in different places hence the phone enables you to stay connected in various areas.

 Oneplus 5 case

You can store a large amount of data, thanks to its 128GB ROM. If you want to install apps, games and media components, the storage is more than enough for you.

A 2.45GHz operating process and latest OxygenOS android enable you to enjoy the fastest internet connection and apps running in the gadget. You are assured of enough display when operating the phone, its 5’5 inch size and high resolutions give an opportunity to enjoy playing games, watching movies and tasks.

 Oneplus 5 case

How about capturing your moments with a 16.0MP front camera and a 20.0MP rear camera? In the current world, taking pictures and videos to share with friends on social media. One plus 5 fulfills your need of sharing your moments in clear and high definitions images.

You stay connected with many friends since the phone supports two sim cards backed up with dual sim standby. The ability to support multi-language enables you to access diversity and the fit into different geographical regions. Coming with a 3300mAh battery enables you to use the phone for a long time before running out.

 Oneplus 5 case

One plus 5 supports many picture formats giving you a chance to enjoy videos and images respectively. WiFi and Bluetooth keep you connected and sharing of different information with people around you. The phone supports messages and multimedia messages, fingerprint, GPS, multitouch, Gyroscope, proximity among other features leaving the device usable wherever you are.

 Oneplus 5 case

Have in mind that the gadget weighs almost a hundred and fifty grams making it easier for you to carry it around. Oneplus comes in a package including, a charger, a screen protector, phone eject tool, a dash type C-cable, a quick start study guide and information concerning your safety.

In conclusion, Oneplus is one of the most advanced smartphones in the market. With a variety of amazing features and accessories that come with the gadget, this smartphone is the best deal you can ever purchase. Spend six hundred dollars and have the best smartphone on Banggood.

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