OnePlus 3T review


Only six months after the OnePlus 3 was first announced, OnePlus returned again with the OnePlus 3T. As the name suggests, this device is essentially a souped up, or “Turbo” version of the OnePlus 3 that builds on everything we loved about the first, while giving it a slightly more competitive edge against the competition.

Oneplus 3T

The design and display 

The Oneplus 3T has similar features as the Oneplus 3. Same weight (158g), same size (152.7 x 74.7 x 7.35mm), same aluminum uni-body, same rear camera protrusion, same factory fitted (but removable) screen protector.

In fact, the only new feature design-wise is the addition of a new color variant for the 64GB version: gunmetal. This is a darker grey than the silver which adorned the OnePlus 3, and joins ‘soft gold’ to offer two shade choices. The 128GB OnePlus 3T only comes in gunmetal though.

Oneplus 3T

The OnePlus 3T is still a premium-looking and feeling device, which doesn’t look out of place alongside other top brands. Considering the OnePlus 3T is comfortably cheaper than all of these handsets though, it’s still rather impressive.

In the run-up to the OnePlus 3T launch there were several reports suggesting the new phone would drop the AMOLED screen technology used on the OnePlus 3 in favor of a LCD screen – luckily that didn’t happen.

This allowed the OnePlus 3T to maintain the same slim profile and bright, vibrant 5.5 inches display. The AMOLED panel on the 3T also features the same Full HD resolution, resulting in a 401ppi pixel density.

Hardware, Software and Performance 

There aren’t a whole lot of differences between the OnePlus 3 and the 3T, but performance is one area that has seen an improvement. Under the hood, the OnePlus 3T comes with the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor, clocked at 2.35 GHz, which is faster than the one found in the Google Pixel smartphones. The 3T retains the 6 GB of RAM that is also available with the OnePlus 3.

Oneplus 3T

64 GB and 128 GB are the internal storage options available, but if storage is a concern, users will have to opt for the higher variant, with expandable storage via microSD card not being available. Getting the 128 GB model means that you will also get the new gunmetal color.

On the software side of things, the OnePlus 3T is running the latest Oxygen OS 3.5.1 based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. However you are free to update to the latest OS version.


On the rear of the OnePlus 3T nothing has changed over the OnePlus 3, with the same Sony-made 16MP rear camera protruding from the metal uni-body, and a single LED flash sitting below it.

The OnePlus 3T boasts a 16MP front snapper – matching the megapixels you get on the rear.

Oneplus 3T

Battery Life 

Battery capacity has increased from 3,000mAh in the OnePlus 3 to 3,400mAh in the 3T. The OnePlus 3T now comfortably lasts a whole day on a single charge, and we usually had at least 10% left in the tank at bedtime.

Oneplus 3T


Great battery life

Super-slick performance

Still an affordable flagship

Beautiful design

Awesome camera


No microSD slot

Slightly more expensive


The Oneplus 3T is a fantastic Smartphone that will offer you value for money. At it is sold for $499. At on ongoing 0.01 lucky draw you stand a chance to win one of this beautiful device.

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