One Plus 6T: The Right Gadget for your Budget


One Plus seems to be pushing their boundaries which each smartphone they release. They are not ready to slow down in their pursuit to make One Plus a brand to be reckoned with Worldwide.

As fantastic as the OnePlus 6T hardware and pricing is, mimicking the best parts of the most popular phones and selling them in your own device can only get you so far. With a fingerprint sensor built into the display that’s nearly as fast as the physical reader it’s replacing, a larger display with a smaller notch, a bigger battery, vastly improved cameras.

One Plus 6T Design and Display

If you’re a case person, the phone even comes with a TPU-style case. You’ll appreciate how the curves, smooth metal, and clicky buttons feel in your hands. It’s a beautiful phone with clean symmetry.
The display, for one, is larger than the OnePlus 6’s 6.28-inch screen. Though the height is a hair shorter and the width is identical to the 6, OnePlus has squeezed a larger 6.41-inch Samsung-made AMOLED display by shrinking the bottom “chin” bezel. OnePlus 6T comes with a 2,340 x 1,080 (402 pixels per inch) display. The 6T’s display glass is made from Corning Gorilla Glass 6, which is more scratch-resistant than the Gorilla Glass 5 on the OnePlus 6. A very obvious part missing on the 6T is a headphone jack. Yes, the 3.5mm audio jack was removed and the in-display fingerprint sensor literally takes up space where the headphone jack would have fit.
On the right-hand edge of the phone is a power on button, which is one of your options for waking the device – the other is a double tap on the screen – and above that is the signature OnePlus slider that allows you to mute your phone with a quick flick. On the left-hand edge of the device is the volume rocker, which is easy to reach. On the bottom of the phone is the USB-C port, flanked by a speaker and microphone.
Perhaps the biggest upgrade of all is how you unlock the OnePlus 6T, and that’s by using the fingerprint sensor that’s now embedded in the screen.


You can also have Face Unlock enabled at the same time, and when you’re using both technologies the response time is near-instantaneous response, with one of the methods allowing you to unlock your device quickly and easily.



The OnePlus 6T’s cameras take better pictures than the 6, but they are still far from the best. As far the 6T’s camera tech goes, it’s the same image sensors as on the OnePlus 6. On the rear is a dual-camera system with a 16-megapixel shooter with f/1.7 aperture, plus a secondary 20-megapixel camera with f/1.7 aperture to aid with portrait photos. The front’s 16-megapixel camera with f/2.0 aperture is identical to the OnePlus 6’s as well.
OnePlus has placed a focus on improving the HDR and low-light shooting capabilities of its new device’s snappers, while also adding in a handful of extra settings to play with. One nice addition is Auto Nightscape Detection, which automates the phone’s more advanced low-light photography mode when it detects that ambient light is hard to come by.

The OnePlus 6T comes with a 3700mAh battery, which is perhaps a little behind the curve when you look at what some other phones are packing. That battery is having to power a screen that is larger than any we’ve seen on a OnePlus device so far. The OnePlus 6T was more than up to the challenge of getting us through a full day of fairly demanding use, such as surfing the web, posting to social media, listening to Spotify and playing some games. There wasn’t a single instance of us getting home at the end of the day with a dead phone, and on some days, there was as much as 30 percent juice left in the tank at bedtime.

Storage, Memory and Software
OnePlus has crafted its own take on Android, OxygenOS, which is a sophisticated vision of Google’s operating system. The 6T ships with Android 9.0 Pie overlaid with the latest version of OxygenOS, so you can take advantage of the new gesture-based navigation, adaptive battery support and the aforementioned Smart Boost app-launching feature. The three-button navigation bar is turned on by default, but you can switch to the gesture-based navigation in Settings.

The OnePlus 6T comes in a 256GB, 8 GB RAM variant as well as a 128GB version which has either 6 or 8GB of RAM. There’s no MicroSD card slot, so make sure you get the capacity you need at the point of purchase.


Great battery life

New fingerprint sensor feels cutting-edge

Up-to-date, versatile OS

Great performance

Sleek, premium design


Camera’s Nightscape mode needs work

Poor audio capabilities

The OnePlus 6T is the most accomplished phone we’ve ever seen from the company, and a bunch of new features, including an in-screen fingerprint scanner and a larger battery, add up to make this one of the best phones you can buy right now.

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