On Sale! BlitzWolf GV18 Pro Smart Watch For Less Than $40

Banggood is serious this time! The brand new BlitzWolf GV18 Pro Smart Watch is available at $39.99 retail price after making a stunning 32% off discount.
BlitzWolf GV18 Pro Smart Watch
Earlier this morning, I was told that we have initiated a new round of sales campaign that designed for BlitzWolf GV18 Pro Smart Watch since I stepped into the office, the discount is nothing but 32% off, more importantly, without quantity or time limit!

Since Banggood patented the trademark BlitzWolf, 5-in-1 charger and this GV18 Pro Smartphone Watch have been released respectively, which are impressive. Though the phone lady here at BG has yet to confirmed a specific inventory to be involved into this promotion, but I reckon it will be out of stock soon.
BlitzWolf GV18 Pro Smart Watch
If you’ve been longing to see an affordable smart watch, BlitzWolf GV18 Pro Smart Watch that based on GV18 is just right for the part. Pedometer, sleep control, hands-free call, camera experience, message notification, data sync are fully accessible, just like most smart watch among the market.

More importantly, low price, just $39.99, in a way, is not so much competitive as attractive in view of potential consumer, at least people can stand and experience what real smart watch ought to be.

Some unknown source from Banggood said there will be no further material supply once this sales promotion is terminated, though it hasn’t mentioned when it is going to the end, either.

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