Official! Xiaomi Bluetooth Earphone For $17.89

Presale is over, now Xiaomi Bluetooth Earphone is open for sale here at retail price of $17.89, declared by Banggood officially.
Xiaomi Bluetooth Earphone
That’s correct! Yesterday, I was told that BG is announcing arrival of first batch Xiaomi Hanging Earphone, following the inventory being placed properly inside warehouse, presale activity is over. Those dozens of preorders will be shipped out in these days, while regular sales is now in progress officially.

Of course, anyone sensitive enough will notice that retail price is way more different. Instead of using the word “increased”, Banggood has restored it to standard as $18,99 or $22.89 retail price is designed for previous sales campaign or preorder, now, retail price has been marked at $17.89.
Xiaomi Bluetooth Earphone
Although returning back the original retail price never is risky, particularly in fiercely drastic market, however, people seldom have to suffer miserable waiting as Xiaomi Hanging Bluetooth Earphone is now in stock, with plenty of material supply by the way, in other words, people can grab one and experience pure Xiaomi quality wherever and whenever possible, is it more meaningful to you?

Moreover, such an annoying original cost will be over temporarily someday around as we got confirmation from BG’s product manager that next sales campaign or promotion is on the way, probably along with upcoming Xiaomi TV or Xiaomi Water Purifier.
Xiaomi Bluetooth Earphone
Xiaomi Bluetooth Earphone features extremely light 6.5 grams weight and anti-greasy coating, along with humanized earpad and CSR8610 chipset, as well as one-week standby time, you will experience truly Bluetooth earphone convenience.

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