Octa-core Processor Makes Your Smartphone Intelligent

We are living in the high-technology society, people’s demand for high-tech devices that bringing more convenience for their living is unstoppable. A couple of years ago, a smartphone with dual cores has made the history of fastest processing speed, when quad cores smartphone showed up, the record refreshed again. However, there is no doubt that octa cores smartphone has not been used widely, so how’s the performance of an octa cores smartphone?

iOcean X7S is the smartphone equipped with Octa-core processor, which is one of its prominent point. Equipped with 1.7GHz Octa-core high configuration processor, the processing speed is much faster while the efficiency is at top level. Thanks to this intelligent 2GB RAM, MT6592 platform, any applications or program among any others can be run easily in a fast speed and smooth processing, any large games or videos can be played fluently, which is perfect for game fans. Most importantly, the reason why it is so called “intelligent” has its reasons. When handling multiple assignments, all eight cores will achieve peak performance in order to maintain fast process speed and first class fluency, no “traffic jam” will bother you any more; on the contrary, under light load circumstance, you can switch off the idle cores and protect the smartphone from over outputting or heating, which saved the battery and energy effectively.

Apart from the sophisticated high-performed processor, its appearance is terrific. Covered with a 5.0-inch multi-touch capacitive touch screen, with and resolution up to 1920*1080 pixels, iOcean X7S has provided users a broader perspective and vivid display effect. What’s more, added to completed functions like OTG, Gesture sensing, innovative clear motion technology, demonstrate the smartphone intelligent and flexible. All of this great performances are derive from the intelligent Octa-core processor.

iOcean X7S 5.0 Inch 2GB RAM MT6592 Octa-core 1.7GHz Smartphone
In the era of chasing better, convenient living, only continuous revolutions on high-technology devices can satisfied the demand of modern people. iOcean X7S is one came with smart processor that offer more convenience living for people concurrently.

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