Nubia Z9 Mini Smartphone Is Coming Soon

As a highly-anticipated smartphone, presumably you have been heard about something relate to Nubia Z9 Mini Smartphone, which aroused hot discussion and debate recently. Now, everything is settle down. Nubia Z9 Mini Smartphone
Exactly as what has been exposed, Nubia Z9 Mini has confirmed a Snapdragon 615 Octa-core processor, along with Adreno 405 GPU, Nubia Z9 Mini Rom is 16GB and 2GB RAM. It is been said that Nubia Z9 Mini Rom 3GB version is going to release soon but we still have no further info.
Nubia Z9 Mini
Likewise, 5-inch 95% high color saturation FHD display touch screen with OGS technology that imported from SHARP is just the same, the resolution has reached 1920*1080 pixels while PPI has reached 441. Mind you, it has balanced decent transparency and strength as well.
Nubia Z9 Mini
Camera section is always a critical issue as some unknown media said it won’t come with SONY IMX234 prime camera though 16MP is the same, but 8MP SONY IMX179 Exmor camera is confirmed whatsoever.

Meanwhile, like several Nubia Z9 Mini Review once mentioned, the conspicuous 4G LTE that Z9 offer should be a world mode, FDD-LTE B1/B3/B7, TD-LTE B38/B39/B40/B41, which means it is fully compatible.
Nubia Z9 Mini
Of course, we all are impressed by stunning basic configuration, in fact, Z9 Mini is a sort of aesthetic smartphone with exquisite Titanium body, metallic fuselage in silky coating, smooth edging and ultra compact design, very neat but elegant.
Nubia Z9 Mini
Taken as a whole, combined with 2900mAh built-in battery, exclusive Android L OS and stunning configurations aforementioned, $312.99 retail price appears to be rational to be fair. BTW, it is coming very soon here at Banggood.

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