Nubia Z17 Mini: The Best Smartphone for Selfie Lovers!

The current generation is actually thrilled by selfies. That is the reason why every social platform is overwhelmed by the selfie photos! Have you ever wondered where these amazing selfies come from?  Maybe you want to be on the list but you don’t know how! Don’t worry. The Nubia Z17 mini is the best solution for you. You will enjoy a variety of the most desirable features that are displayed by this amazing Nubia product from Bangood!

Nubia Z17 mini


Nubia Z17 mini comes with a variety of the most amazing features that ensure that the product is leading in terms of connectivity, camera and storage, application installation and everything that you can wish to have in your smartphone. You will also enjoy using the best smartphone with the best display features that will surely make you stay pleased all the time! Let’s examine few features of this ZTE Nubia Z17 smartphone.

Nubia Z17 mini


The Nubia Z17 mini phone has the most appealing front and back camera of 16 and 13 megapixels respectively that qualifies it to be the best selfie smartphone! The front camera is a 5 element lens with a f/2.0 aperture that’s 80 degrees wide. For the dual back camera, you will enjoy an electronic anti-shake feature and also the super sapphire glass lens with a f/2.2 aperture! This makes it undoubtedly the best selfie option!

Nubia Z17 mini

Storage and display

The Nubia Z17 mini smartphone has an amazing 5.2-inch touchscreen that will enable you to have the best display features with a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels. It also comes with best storage capacity with a 4GB RAM and the 64GB ROM. It can also support the external storage up to 200GB,  which ensures that you get maximum storage for all your files whether it’s a pdf file, your photos, and even all the reading materials. You can also be sure to save your videos. The 5.2-inch display will enable you to have the best portrait video and photos.

Nubia Z17 mini

Operating system and connectivity

The Nubia Z17 mini CPU features the QUALCOMM snapdragon 652 octa-core of 64 bits. It’s even enhanced by the GPU of the Adreno 510 type. This advanced operating system features will ensure that the operation with this stunning Nubia phone is of a top-ranked quality. You will also enjoy the best varieties of the network features such as the 3G WCDMA network, a 2G GSM network and also the best 4G FDD-LTE network that ensures that you enjoy the best browsing capabilities anytime.

Nubia Z17 mini

Other features

The Nubia Z17 mini has other amazing features that support the file transfers such as the WIFI, the Bluetooth and can also support the USB data transfer. It’s a dual sim smartphone with the GPS and has the high-resolution camera. Its battery is a built-in battery with other amazing installed applications such as the stopwatch, the calculator and notepad.

Nubia Z17 mini

Learn more about this amazing selfie smartphone by visiting the Banggood website! You will be impressed by its amazing features and the most affordable price!

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