Nubia 8000mAh Power Bank Reviews: Ultra-thin but High-capacity

Having bought Nubia 8000mAh Power Bank for few days, I am really thankful for the strong recommendation of my best friend and the wise choice I made. Apart from the outstanding features I mentioned above, this power bank also has many attractive advantages. Let me share with you in the following.
nubia PB801
Nubia 8000mAh Power Bank is famous for the beauty of balance. Coming with mini size, ultra-thin body and large capacity of 8000mAh, the power bank not only allows me to easily and conveniently take it anytime and anywhere, but also makes me avoid the trouble of lacking power. Better still, 8000mAh capacity can charge nubia Z9 series for 2.2 times, iPhone6 for 3.5 times and iPhone6 Plus for 2.2 times, rather practical and high-performance.
Nubia 8000mAh Power Bank
Nubia Power Bank provides strong compatibility, not only perfectly fitting nubia smartphones, but also suiting for the devices with the rated current less than 100mA-1.5A. Meanwhile, adopting the well-known American MPS circuit management system and having nine security protection, such as high voltage input limit, feedback protection and charge/discharge temperature control, etc, the power bank spares no effort to guarantee my every usage.
nubia PB801
Last but not least, nubia PB801 gives fast charge owing to the 83% conversion rate, so efficient that lets me save more time. All in all, I am really satisfied with this power bank. If you also need a better power bank, I would strongly recommend it with great sincerity.

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