NO.1 X2, The IP68 “Rock” With 4G LTE

Unlike the fiercely competitive normal smartphone, outdoor smartphone is always in short supply as those indestructible device with decent function genuinely is infrequent among the market, but seems that you now have one more advisable option– NO.1 X2 phone, keep reading and ready to be surprised.
NO.1 X2 Phone
Like most qualified outdoor smartphone, NO.1 X2 is coming with standard and best IP68 ingress protection, in other words, it can effectively keep 99% dust far and away, and fully capable to “dive” under 2 meters depth water for more than 30 minutes.

Besides, it has inherited a special three-dimensional-proof camera design from M2, making the most fragile section rugged and tough. Mind you, it is pressure-proof, scratch-proof, high-temperature-proof and frozen-proof as well.
NO.1 X2 Phone
How many 4G LTE outdoor smartphone can you find out on the market? Barely none, but NO.1 X2 Phone is an exception. Though 4G LTE network is still under construction, but the adoption of rare FDD 4G LTE network makes 150Mbps download speed and 50Mbps upload speed no longer unattainable.

MSM8916 Quad-core
Instead of cheap MTK processor, a lower frequency 1.3GHz MSM8916 Quad-core is way more appropriate for an outdoor smartphone, low-consumption and decent processing performance is always the essence of NO.1.
NO.1 X2 Phone
Other configurations
Even being judged by the standard of conventional smartphone, 5.5-inch 720P screen, 5MP + 13MP camera combination, 4500mAh battery, 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM, BT 4.0, OTG, fast charge and smart sensors are competitive as always.

How about the cost? It should be slightly expensive, right? It is for sure but you can’t argue something at $197.99USD with features above.

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