NO.1 SUN S2 Smart Watch Is Arriving In Stock Soon

We haven’t got any feedback regarding to NO.1 SUN S2 for a while, a highly-anticipated smart watch that released last month, but fortunately, we now have one! Resellers are reporting delivery of first batch.
Earlier this morning, I was told that several of E-commence magnates including Banggood are announcing the first batch of NO.1 SUN S2, a couple of pieces though, in other words, more material supply is on the way, regular sales can commence, while those preorders will be shipped out shortly.

If you keep an eye on this masterpiece tightly, surely you’ve been noticed that it supposed to be here a week earlier, on 16th June. However, due to unknown reason on manufacturer end, the first few samples are delayed, but the good news is that we confirmed BG is sending us one piece for reviews.
Underneath a around, chic, special dial and elegant strap, you will find it waterproof, water resistance is up to IP67, which is literally as good as professional outdoor smartphone. It can fight against 99% of dust and tiny grain, and produce resistance to 1-2 meters depth immersion for 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, as NO.1 SUN S2 once described, it comes with data sync, message, hands-free phone call, pedometer, sleep monitor, heart-rate monitor, remote selfie, music play, etc. Along with 230mAh battery, you can experience standby time longer than critical Apple Watch.
As we all know, as always, NO.1 SUN S2 Smart Watch Price at $54.99 retail price but we reckon it will be slightly lower once it is open for sale officially.

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