New UMI Zero 2! 5.2-inch 2.5D Display With Dual-screen Design

Early on, we found a piece of message and some pictures from UMI Facebook showing a glimpse of an unknown smartphone, with the word “Duplex Life” below, some said that it might be the upcoming UMI Zero 2.
UMI Zero 2
This could be interesting, apparently, we can see a smartphone with dual-screen design as we make out an E-ink screen on rear side of the phone, which is designed somewhere below back camera. Couple that to the word “Duplex Life” aforementioned, we are pretty sure a dual-screen design, and this could be brand new UMI Zero 2 Smartphone.

It suddenly remind me of the famous Russian Yotaphone, which has integrated with a dual screen design, the rear is something like E-ink display, with display function and sort of physical buttons or fingerprint scanner or something.
UMI Zero 2
More information about this mystery smartphone (could be UMI Zero 2) keeps exposing. As I was composing this article, I was told that a few specification of display screen is revealed, as always, with an exposed picture.

As the pic shows, it is a phone with 5.2-inch display on the front, along with 2.5D curved glass cover on the frontage, which is something popular among Chinese smartphone currently. Though screen resolution and pixels density has yet to be confirmed, but the word “The best smartphone deserve the best screen” indicates a 1080P resolution or a 2K panel.
UMI Zero 2
Of course, we got nothing about E-ink display on the rear site but a ultra-thin fuselage and metallic framework is conspicuous. Moreover, the figure 1/9 on small white spot might be UMI Zero 2 Release Date, 1st, September.

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