Why you need a good quality USB cable (part 2)



Using a micro usb charging cable either for charging your electronic gadgets especially phones or transferring data has become an everyday activity for most of us. With all this said a good USB cable is so important as it ensures and guarantees your gadgets safety. Apart from this, a good micro usb cable gives you high-speed data sync, fast charging, and compatibility with most if not all micro USB devices. There are many micro usb cables on the market right now and this may make you wonder how will you know this or that cable is of good quality.


Blitzwolf is a popular electronic brand that manufactures a good quality and reliable USB cables. Blitzwolf’s most popular 4 different types of USB cable:

1.) Double USB cable.

2.) Braided USB cable.

3.) Lightning to USB cable.

4.) Type C cables.


In the subsequent paragraphs, we are going to review the other two types usb cable to help you decide which cable best fits your needs.

usb cable

3.) Lightning to USB cable

This a lightning to usb cable that has a verified serial number and authorization chip that is provided by Apple. This makes it compatible with all lightning products ( iPhone 5 SE/5S/5C/5, 6/ 6S/6 plus, 7/7 plus, iPod nano, iPod touch, iPad/mini/Air/Pro. The lightning cable has data sync speed of up to 480mbps.

usb cable

4.) Type C cable

This is a long USB type c cable that has a 2.0 A male connected to a 56-ohm standard resistor usb type c male. It’s made using Aluminum foil shielding, protective tinned copper mesh, and Environmental flexible braided jacket. The connector heads are Nickel plated and reversible with a standard 2.0 USB port. This makes it be durable and can be bent over 500 times without being damaged. The cable has data sync speed of up to 480mbps. It supports 12v/9v/5v fast charging (3 A current). It is compatible with many fast charging technologies including but not limited to Qualcomm 2.0, Qualcomm 3.0 and MTK Pump express plus.



From the above features (durability, fast charging, and high-speed data sync) and user experience feedbacks we can conclude that Blitzwolf manufactures good quality USB cables. Since you have owned the qualified usb cable as you wish, you should also consider about a high-quality eu adapter so that, for example, your ipad wall adapter can be used wherever you travel to and will not cause you any trouble.



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