Natural CUBOT ZORRO 001 User Experience

I am the lucky man who got an opportunity to experience a brand new middle-end smartphone in advance–CUBOT ZORRO 001, which is highly-anticipated. If you are wondering make up your mind on this phone, it is liberal to take below experience as reference.
CUBOT ZORRO 001 5-inch MSM8916 1.2GHz Quad-core LTE Smartphone
As you can see in the poster, CUBOT ZORRO 001 is a typical large screen smartphone in succinct design, in fact, it is. An ultra narrow screen bezel and slim fuselage is exactly where comfortable operating sensation stem from, I reckon it is more realistic than the one we see in the poster. In addition, it didn’t came with an aesthetic design but neither complicated back case design nor redundant logos, icons bother neat overall appearance. In the meanwhile, it weighted much lighter than 139g psychologically in the kind of view, probably it has connection to exquisite framework.
Well, one prominent change between CUBOT ZORRO 001 Smartphone and previous one must be Qualcomm processor, as a matter of fact, it will be an optimum “partner” of LTE high speed network. Although 1.2GHz frequency is not the fastest, however, a brand new “heart” Qualcomm MSM8916 four-core processor can remedy stability substantially. Scarcely did I came across stuck, instant “flash back” or incompatible problem during entire test. Surfing through built-in browser is fast but smooth, update or read social network updates is question-less, large movies can be played fluently while medium games can be handle effortlessly. Of course, it is only just middle-end smartphone, hence, I didn’t expected superb competence on handling heavy assignments.
CUBOT ZORRO 001 5-inch MSM8916 1.2GHz Quad-core LTE Smartphone
As for other performances, 1280*720 pixels resolution and IPS 178 screen is the code word of legibility and broader perspective, which is comfortable. LTE fast network enjoyment is terrific but still has room to be improved thanks to signal coverage problem. Of course, 13.0MP camera is just staggering as I imagined, brought me authentic photographing experience.

Obviously what mentioned above is just tip of iceberg, keep digging, you will realize CUBOT ZORRO 001 cost-effective once hold it in your hand.

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