A mystery you don’t know about the Magneto


This mysterious and controversial man

I don’t know how you feel about Magneto, but he is always one of my favorite characters even though he is evil sometimes and often considered as a villain. Although he used to be a member of the X-Men, but because of his excessive extreme thoughts, ultimately he was against the X-Men. He used to be on display as a monster by human beings and suffered humiliation, so he hates mankind and he considers that Mutant should dominate the human.


However, sometimes you will feel sad about him as he has been through so many sufferings. He lost his love, he was treated as an enemy by Mutant and mankind, he need to fight for himself… The story I about to tell might make you change your mind about this man.


Never been called as a hero?

At this time, as the Mutant was excluded by mankind, they gradually migrated to the Pacific “Utopia”, an island transformed by asteroid M. Magneto came to the island asking for joining them, in order to fight together to protect their own races. He even kneelled down to the X-Men but Professor X strongly opposed this proposal. Eventually, the highest commander that time – the Laser Eye accepted him. Finally, Magneto became a member of the X-Men once again.

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In order to obtain the trust of others, Magneto spent a lot of energy to disappear in space to  pull Katie back to the earth, so he had to rest for a long time. During the “Messiah” period, when other X-Men was fighting near the Golden Gate Bridge, Magneto used his powerful magnetic force to fight alone with the enemy robot, and successfully defended their utopia. In the subsequent earthquake, he also used his super magnetic power to protect the city from damage and save lots of life, which won the people’s favor.

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His unknown mystery

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