Multi-functional Waterproof Pouch Bag Dry Case

Designed for smartphone exclusively, Waterproof Pouch Bag Dry Case has gradually captured consumer’s attention and won their approval by succinct exterior, sealed design, high cost performance and terrific waterproof ability, and now it can do more than you can expect.

Transparent Waterproof Underwater Pouch Bag Dry Case For Mobile Phone
Superficially, Waterproof Underwater Pouch Dry Case is for smartphone use only, however, because of appropriate size and large capacity, it will bound to be an ideal pouch for daily use. Even smartphone as large as Samsung Note 4 can be placed properly inside. Furthermore, freely can you put city public transportation card, small denomination paper currency, coins, resident keys, stationary, some make up kit and something you use a lot inside, so that you don’t have to find them and take them out from the bag every time, just as convenient as a wallet.

Transparent Waterproof Underwater Pouch Bag Dry Case For Mobile Phone
In addition, if you are meticulous enough, it can be one of your handy small storage box. Thanks to PVC material, which is tough and durable, seldom do you have to worry about anything to be stored inside. More importantly, it is coming with airtight double seal system, you can feel free to put anything you want inside, squeeze out the air, seal it tightly and release more space for your luggage, never will it put your bag to more heavier and redundant status.

Transparent Waterproof Underwater Pouch Bag Dry Case For Mobile Phone
On the other hand, as most of you may know already, Transparent Waterproof Underwater Dry Case can effectively keep smartphone, car key and other electronic stuffs away from moisture, hence, you don’t have to be haunted with their safety any more. In addition, it is no exaggeration to say it the best partner when swimming because any personal belongings can be carried under the water, what a great convenience.

Accompany with extremely inexpensive cost at 2.39USD, how possible can you decline multi-functional accessory like this?

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