Multi-functional Quick Button Dustproof Plug

If you have no idea regarding to Quick Button Dustproof Plug, it is understandable, but you will bound to be familiar with dustproof plug, which is one of a crucial component part as all-around protection to be offered to our smartphone. As a matter of fact, as an revolutionary version of dustproof plug, Quick Button Dustproof Plug can offer you more.
Quick Button Shortcuts Key Dustproof Plug For Smartphone Cellphone
Naturally, Shortcuts Key Dustproof Plug is already an optimum adornment for smartphone. Although it doesn’t come with attractive pattern or colorful coating, which sublimate decorative effect to a new boundary, however, a succinct design with primary color of stainless steel is enough to collocate your device perfectly. Sometimes the most primitive adornment will enable an ornate and highly decorative, isn’t it?
Quick Button Shortcuts Key Dustproof Plug For Smartphone Cellphone
In the meanwhile, don’t underestimate it is no more than just a normal dustproof plug, the truth is, it is the key to achieve activating any function instantly at will. With the dustproof plug assembled properly, simply just download and apply the App program to your smartphone, preset any function as you wish and then you can open it by pressing the button only, what a quick and efficient setting it is! Anything like snap shot, quick record, accelerating can be started in an effort-less way, just as enjoyable as gesture recognition.
Quick Button Shortcuts Key Dustproof Plug For Smartphone Cellphone
Of course, now that Quick Button Shortcuts Key Dustproof Plug is designed based on conventional dustproof plug, it ought to be terrific in the aspect of protection. Exactly as you can expect, it is 100% compatible with 3.5mm headset hole without an inch of redundancy, thanks to rigorous workmanship and first class specification, you will find it easy to install and remove. Moreover, it not just effectively to keep dust or tiny grain far and away but also guarantee light water resistance in a way. As far as comprehensive protection is concerned, it can’t be more appropriate.

In short, who don’t want to take a fully advantage of such a multi-functional dustproof plug? Everybody wants.

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