Modern Society Needs Modern Cell Phone

Frankly speaking, not until my colleague mentioned did I realized how good JIAYU’s product is. After searching more sources about JIAYU, I had to acknowledged that JIAYU G5S series is one of the best smartphone you can find out at present.

JIAYU G5S series is the latest product they released a month ago, within this short period, they have sold more than 500 units already, how? They have their own feature and trait obviously. Both JIAYU G5S 1GB and JIAYU G5S 2GB has adopted western design, narrow metal frame bezel with flat fuselage, added to shiny black and silver main color, demonstrate the entire looking succinct and concise, it looks pretty close to iPhone at first glance. Moreover, they two utilizing 5.0 inch Corning II Gorilla Glass panel, combined to the resolution of 1280*720 HD, a broader perspective and tremendous display effect will satisfy your wildest demand utmostly. New users will have a wonder time with them.

Apart from the display screen, JIAYU G5S 1GB and JIAYU G5S 2GB is built-in various formats recognition, any formats of documents can be read directly and easily to transformed to. Came with GPS, 3.0MP+13.0MP camera, more enjoyment and convenience will be offered whenever you go, you can record the beautiful sceneries and share with your friends.
JIAYU G5S 4.5-inch 2GB RAM MT6592 1.7Ghz Octa-core Smartphone
However, reading to its kernel, they are different. JIAYU G5S 1GB equipped with a 1GB, 1.7GHz octa-core processor while JIAYU G5S 2GB is 2GB. Although it will not affect the entire performance on handling and processing, the competence on operating multiple assignments simultaneously is still fast, accurate, smooth as usual, however, when plenty of applications hiding behind the background, you will find out JIAYU G5S 2GB are faster than G5S 1GB on reacting and interfacing. Taken as a whole, if you are the one simply chasing fast speed, the consequence that created by the configuration is tiny to be honest.

Undisputably, JIAYU G5S is a fantasy series with superb performance, first class tablet, advance processor and sophisticated performance, which has greet the demand of modern people in modern society.

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