Mlais MX Sincerely Invites You into Intelligent Life

I guess the ancient is hard to image that a large variety of electric productions were created nowadays, however, most of people have stepped into intelligent era, leading intelligent life. If you still haven’t caught up with that, just take it easy, Mlais MX Smartphone is able to take you into an intelligent world.
Mlais MX Smartphone
Coming with infrared sensor, Mlais MX can easily connect to TV and air conditioner, as a result, you can directly control them by your phone, starting an enjoyable intelligent life. Also, equipped with MTK6735 Quad Core 1.3G MHZ 64-bit CPU, 16GB ROM and 2GB RAM, the phone supports higher performance, faster speed and larger storage, meaning that you can keep in touch with friends or families by video chat, instead of writing letters in old days.
Mlais MX Smartphone
Designed with dual 4G and dual card dual standby, the speed is dramatically up to 150MBPS, therefore, you can know much domestic news or international news by Mlais MX in first time, rather than read morning newspaper. Meanwhile, this phone supports 5.0 inch IPS capacity touch screen with 1280*720 pixel resolution, watching big movies or playing big games will both be wonderful visual experience. And the Android 5.1 lollipop OS will give you a simple and beautiful interface and easier operation.

No need of taking a heavy camera outside, Mlais MX has 5.0MP front camera and 8.0MP Sony IMX219, along with lighter weight, portable to take natural photos or videos anywhere and anytime. Better still, 4300mAh battery and quick charge would help the phone “alive” and “ energetic” longer and quicker. You may never think of the support of again unipolar separate GPS antenna,but the phone did it actually. So more accurate positions can be easily gotten, even without any map paper.
Mlais MX Smartphone
It is marvelous, right? The intelligence era features convenience and simplicity, and Mlais MX Smartphone completely conforms to those characteristics, devoting to improving and simplifying our daily life and work. Just have farewell to ancient times, and use this phone to begin intelligent life.

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