Mini Z18 Review, Too Small To Be Nice?

Following the arrival of Mini Z18 here at Banggood, the mini outdoor smartphone, regular sales is now in progress at $63.99 retail price, which is 20% off. For that reason, I immediately grabbed one and took a shot to see how good can it be, see below Mini Z18 Review for more info.
Mini Z18 Review
Mini size, good or bad?
Without a doubt, as a genuine waterproof outdoor smartphone which endowed with minimum size, it fits perfectly not only to your hand (regardless of big hand or small hand), pocket of shirts, pants but also to shoulder bag, carrier or any luggage, which is beneficial to any outdoor activities or trips.

However, exactly as this small size and light weight, which can hardly be felt by yourself if it dropped or slided unconsiously. Meanwhile, it is pretty tricky for big hand user as 2.45 really is small, perhaps stylus is one solution.

IP53 can never be called as qualified, I reckon small dimension ought to be a barricade when creating first-class all-around protection. Anyway, it still can effectively keep most dust or tiny far and away but you’d better not take it along to any moisture or wet condition.
Mini Z18 Review
An ideal tool for communication
MTK6575 single core, PowerVR SGX 531 GPU, 128MB RAM, 2.45-inch screen, it appears to be primitive and a little bit useless, but it will be nice only for message, phone call or simple as SOS smartphone, safety is priority among priorities in the final analysis.

Taken as a whole, does Mini Z18 make any difference to conventional outdoor smartphone? I reckon it hardly has but $63.99 for this stuff is good buy to be fair.

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  1. I suppose a good proofreading would be too much to ask?

    *notices the URL misspells “mobile” as “moblie”*

    I reckon so.

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