Metal Touch Stylus Is Well Worthy Of Money

To be fair, I won’t deny that the reason why I made a purchase of Metal Screen Touch Stylus can’t be separated with an appealing cost. However, in consideration of such a simplex smartphone accessory as well as low cost, I didn’t expect something sophisticated, but it genuinely was well worthy of the cost, even though it is just one dollar.
Metal Telescopic Type Capacitive Screen Touch Stylus For Smart Phones
I was psyched at how exquisite it come up with, bright-green color, dazzling silver body and well-made front tip, which is totally different as my imagination. More than just beautiful exterior, it fitted my Samsung S3 perfectly good in overall decorative, just as fruity, handy, exquisite and practical to use as my smartphone.

Moreover, the very front end of Screen Touch Stylus is made of rubber, it is not so much a solid ball shape tip as a rubber bubble with air inside, which is much more touchable to take advantage, in addition, never will it hurt a naturally fragile smartphone screen at all. Exactly as this beneficial design, no matter hitting the screen or sliding to unlock the screen, one kind of smooth using experience is unchanged.
Metal Telescopic Type Capacitive Screen Touch Stylus For Smart Phones
More importantly, don’t underestimate Metal Telescopic Touch Stylus is no more than just one-dollar accessory, in fact, how it performed has just conformed to my intention and purpose perfectly. It was pretty practical in the aspect of accelerating typing speed, particularly facing small and tiny touch buttons. Furthermore, definitely will it be my helping hand when my hands are dirty, conventional operation will be available as usual without ruining display touch screen.

Of course, Metal Touch Stylus can’t be flawless all the time because it is a one-dollar accessory after all. The jack plug is slightly oversize for my smartphone, probably because of incorrect specification. On the other hand, it genuinely is way shorter than a normal pen even though I stretched out completely, so, I have to grab it in a weird gesture.
Metal Telescopic Type Capacitive Screen Touch Stylus For Smart Phones
Nevertheless, there is no suspense that Screen Touch Stylus never surpass its cost performance or value, however, it definitely is well worthy of that attractive one dollar retail price.

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