MEIZU MX3, A Detail-oriented Smartphone

Details, details and still details, an excellent smartphone doesn’t embody on how powerful the kernel is and how many functions it equips, on the contrary, a true smartphone is the best demonstration of details in all aspects, just like MEIZU MX3.

Exquisite 2.9mm narrow bezel
MEIZU MX3 5.1-inch 16GB ROM Exynos 5410 1.6Ghz Octa-core Smartphone
Rather than talking about hardware enhancement derive from MEIZU MX3 16GB roughly, which is hard to distinguish its difference compare to any others concurrently, why not pay more attention on details? For instance, ultra narrow 2.9mm narrow bezel. Although MEIZU MX3 equips itself with a larger 5.1-inch screen, however, the adoption of ultra narrow bezel has demonstrated a much broader perspective than 5.3-inch screen smartphone particularly, where a larger visual impact comes directly. Despite of all figures are lifeless and pale, on that occasion when taking an advantage, you will realize it completely different.

Zero-delay shooting
MEIZU MX3 5.1-inch 32GB ROM Exynos 5410 1.6Ghz Octa-core Smartphone
Dissimilar to our prediction, MEIZU MX3 32GB didn’t upgraded camera function up to a more popular 13.0MP, it deploy 8.0MP configuration as usual, but unlike simplex 8.0MP parameter, this time, it focus more on photographing improvement, zero-delay shooting technique, fast shooting are the representatives.The so called “zero-delay shooting” can be explained as when pressing shooting button, the device will avoid shutter vibration, pick up an optimum angle and record it instantly. Although we have no comprehension how it works, from the pictures we took can we know it practical and useful.

Convenient Flyme 3.0 OS
MEIZU MX3 5.1-inch 32GB ROM Exynos 5410 1.6Ghz Octa-core Smartphone
For people who know Flyme user interface, the one from MEIZU MX3 is much neater and practical than previous generation, setting column is the best embodiment. A card design of Flyme 3.0 is convenient to balance operation in width, by opening one page of setting column only can you control all settings directly, besides, the sliding spot is too smooth to exhaust-less one hand control. In addition, the Home button has extended multiple functions substantially. By sliding Home button twice can you unlock the screen effortlessly, by holding Home button continuously can we lock it tightly. All these convenient operation are go on and on.

Without a doubt, although there is nothing innovative and revolutionary to be added on MEIZU MX3 Smartphone successfully, however, by the details that enhanced in all aspects of the device will you know how enjoyable it is.

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