MEIZU M3s Review: Elegant-Look Smartphone for The Young

Which features do you look for when choosing a smartphone? Nice appearance? Powerful configuration? Or comfortable holding feeling? As for the young people, they seek for nice-looking and powerful ones. MEIZU M3s is such an outstanding smartphone and it is suitable for the young. Exactly, it is similar to iPhone 6s to a certain extent. Such as the body colors, the setting place of the fingerprint sensor, the glass laminated screen, etc. Next, I will show you more about this smartphone.


Appearance Design

It is the brand-new product with a nice and elegant appearance design. It features a smooth and delicate metal body, which was accomplished by using 360-degree sand blasting. Besides, after the treatment of sophisticated anodizing, it becomes more perfectly in beautiful colors. It offers you four colors options, including silver, gray, gold and rose gold.


In terms of the screen design, it features a 5-inch high-definition display with 2.5D glass. The full laminated screen will bring you nice visual enjoyment. Another benefit is that it will give you excellent holding feeling.



It is powered by the octa-core A53 processor, which has outstanding performance. This processor enables you to complete multiple tasks with smooth operations. Moreover, equipped eight cores makes sure that it deals with the balance between performance and power consumption in every situation. By the way, it configures ARM Mali T860 GPU and operates Android 5.1 OS.


It has a storage of 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM. This meets your need in normal use. If you like, you could add an external 128GB TF card to expand the memory.

Just as what I mentioned before, this one sets the fingerprint sensor in the same place of iPhone 6s. With mTouch 2.1 fingerprint scanner, it is convenient and safe to unlock your phone. This fingerprint sensor has a quick response speed within 0.2 seconds and it supports 360 degrees identification angle.



If you would like to capture the exciting moments in your daily life, MEIZU M3s will satisfy your desire. It supports 13-megapixel phase focusing on helping you take nice photos anywhere anytime. Except for that, it features quick and automatic phase focusing on making snapping a great photo easier.



In short, MEIZU M3s is an outstanding smartphone for the young. It has nice appearance design, powerful configuration, quick-response unlocking and pretty good photography ability. If you like it, you could purchase it via Banggood website. It costs you $ 149.99 now. By the way, if you need the feature phone, you could take a consideration of KAZAM Life C6.


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