Meizu EP2X Earphone Review

Headphone is the bone which connects our ears with the world of music, all resonating through this line of emotions. Four years ago, I was attracted to the Meizu MX2 earphone. After that, I have tried the EP21, EP31 and EP21HD. In the last few days, Meizu company has unveiled the new product MEIZU EP2X. Compared to the previous products, the new one has done a lot of changes.

EP2X Earphone

The first time I saw this product, I mistook it as an earpods. Both of them look similar to each other, except EP2X coming with a more delicate curved design. I appreciate the design of this new earphone, which has the unique style.


Brand: MEIZU
Model: EP2X
Color: Black, White
Wearing Type: In-ear
Cable Length: 1.2m
Net Weight: 13.3g
Shell Material: PC/ABS+TPE
Wire Material: TPE
Microphone: Yes
Wired Control: Support
Unit Type: Dynamic
Unit Diameter: φ14.2mm
Plug Type: L type
Receive Sensitivity: 105dB
Impedance: 32Ω
Frequency Response: 20-20kHz

Exactly, this EP2X is an iterative upgraded EP21HD. EP2X changes the appearance design of the previous EP series headphones, and it uses the “S” -shaped curve design combined with the ridge. From the industrial design and manufacturing point of view, this cutting method is more difficult and complicated, which makes it distinguish from so many headphones.

EP2X Earphone

The cable adds the high elastic Kevlar filament, and joins the common TPE material, to ensure the flexibility and strength. I try to pull a single headphone cord, no deformation problems. Besides, the wire control part has also done a very significant change. In order to enhance the waterproof ability, the wire control part is wrapped by the black plastic skin. However, after this change, the pressing feeling and accuracy do not feel well compared to the previous generations.

In terms of the sound quality, considering EP2X is the iterative upgraded EP21HD, I do a contrast between these two products. When EP21HD released, the official claimed that the main advantage of it is high-impedance, which is able to issue a sufficient strength of the sound. In fact, the impedance value of EP2X is not as good as EP21HD, but the sensitivity reaches 105dB.

EP2X Earphone

Moreover, EP2X’ s unit adopts a neodymium iron boron stone dynamic cell unit plus double back cavity design. Theoretically, the sound quality will be improved. When I used it to connect with the Meizu MX4 PRO smartphone and listen to music, I found that EP2X’ s performance of high frequency is the same as EP21HD, but the resolution of the high-frequency performance of the former is slightly better. Additionally, EP2X’ s low frequency did not do much improvement, but the dynamic performance and resolution are better than EP21HD.

EP2X Earphone

At last, I would like to tell something about my personal use. Compared to EP21HD, EP2X Meizu Dynamic Earphone takes two main upgrades in the wearability. One is tighter in tightness, another is the tail pipe is designed to fit the contour of the ear, slightly comfort than the EP21HD.

EP2X Earphone

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