Meizu Bong 2S Review: Outstanding Smart Wristband For Health Monitoring

Do you like doing exercise in your free time? If your answer is yes, I think the smart wristband would be your good fellow. At this article, I will show you a new product Meizu Bong 2S. It is an outstanding smart wristband, which can be used for health monitoring. The article involves three aspects, including designs and shows, function and battery.

Meizu Bong 2S

Designs and Shows

It features the compact and portable appearance design. And the product only includes two parts: a wristband and a smart sensor. The wristband has several holes that you can adjust the strap length and choose the most comfortable way to wear. By the way, the smart sensor offers you five colors options, including gray, orange, blue, red and black.

Meizu Bong 2S

In terms of the configuration, it is configured with a Nordic low consumption CPU along with a Triaxial Accelerometer Sensor and a Heart rate Sensor.

Meizu Bong 2S


To begin with, it is helpful that it can do scientific exercise planning. Real-time monitoring and recording, it is clearly to show you the trajectory, pace and heart rate. When you do aerobic exercise, you can better reduce fat and improve heart and lung capacity if you maintain a good heart rate. The heart rate sensor uses photoelectric light perception edition to complete real-time heart rate detection and prompt, so you can adjust the motion state of scientific, sustainable and efficient consumption of fat.

Moreover, it is able to do fitness monitoring and sleep tracking, which records your physical condition. Sleep-cycle smart alarm, let you wake up at the best of times every day.

Additionally, it has a waterproof IP67 capacity so that you can wear it even when you do swimming.

Meizu Bong 2S

Meizu Bong 2S


In terms of the battery configuration, it is built in a 55mAh Li-polymer battery with 10 to 40 days standby power. If you use the heart rate monitoring, it supports life 10 days.


To sum up, Meizu Bong 2S is a nice sport use smart device. However, just as the coins have two sides, it has a missing point that it does not have the LCD display. As a result, all of the monitoring data you have to watch via your smartphone. By the way, it is suitable for most of the smartphones, including Android 4.3 above versions and IOS 8.0 above versions ones.

Meizu Bong 2S

If you do not mind that it does not have the LCD display, you can have a try. Additionally, you also can take a consideration of the new product H8 Smart Watch.



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