Meet Huawei Honor 7X – A Split Screen Wonder

Mobile phones are our assistants, homes, offices, and to some extent our better half. When it comes to these devices, the thirst for perfection is far from being quenched. We are so reliant on these incredible devices that we need to keep on upgrading to better versions to accommodate our growing needs and functions on phones.


We need bigger screens, better performance, more storage space, more battery life, better camera specs and simply more beautiful and edgier designs. That’s why Huawei, now considered the 2nd largest mobile phone manufacturing company globally, in terms of sales is continuously producing superior phones with larger screens, improved performance speeds and improved multimedia tools, the likes of cameras. One such phone from the Huawei team is the new Huawei Honor 7X, this phone comes with advanced technology and design that will simply blow you away. Read on to find out why this phone is almost sold out in stores worldwide!

 Huawei Honor 7X 64GB


The Huawei Honor 7x comes with an 18:9 screen aspect ratio, improved from the common 16:9 screen ratio found in most phones. This feature validates its slogan “Max Your View”. The display has a high screen to body ratio that makes it immersive and gives it a borderless look. The screen is 5.93 inches of 2160 by 1080 full high definition view; yes you will enjoy watching videos on this phone. Huawei has gone an extra mile and added a split screen feature for all you multitasking fans, this means you can view and interact with two tasks on the screen simultaneously.

Huawei Honor 7X 64GB


The Huawei Honor 7X 64GB comes in a sleek compact body which is curved on the edges and light, making it very comfortable to hold. The phone bears a fashionable metallic outer casing and a clear hard glass front. It comes in a beautiful range of colors including blue, gold and black.

Huawei Honor 7X 64GB


Enjoy taking photos with this phone’s 16MP + 2MP dual lenses back camera. It captures high definition images and has a portrait mode that lets you capture professional pics in one snap. Do you cringe those extra seconds that it takes normal phone camera’s to focus and give you a clear shot? well worry no more, this phone comes with an extra fast focus feature. The front camera is an 8MP powerful camera. It combines the use of special effects and a new palm feature that triggers the camera to take a shot when directed towards it, to give you the perfect selfies.

Huawei Honor 7X 64GB


This baby packs incredible performance juice with its 4GB RAM, 2.36GHz Octa-core Kirin 659, and EMUI51 processor features. You can now enjoy a smooth experience with multiple apps and tasks running simultaneously.


The battery life on this phone is also amazing. A single charge lasts for more than 24hrs with its 3,340Amh battery, and you can always use the ultra-power saving mode to extend your battery life.



This phone comes with three storage versions at different prices, the Huawei Honor 7X 128GB, Huawei Honor 7X 64Gb and Huawei Honor 7X 32Gb. That storage capacity is incredible, it will provide you with adequate space for your apps and files. Always ensuring your phone works smoothly without lags caused by low memory space.



Other users have rated this phone highly, terming it excellent and a must-have. And from the features listed above, you can tell they are not lying either. We have outlined for you the Huawei Honor 7X’s powerful features, like the 2.36 GHz Octa-core Kirin 659 processor, the split screen feature and the powerful dual lens camera. All you have to do now is get one. Simple as that.


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