All that makes a handheld gimbal eligible

Feiyu G5GSWhen you think about buying a product like this one, the brand’s journey is one of the most important things to take into account. We’re talking about Feiyutech, a trustworthy brand focused on video stabilization technology with the customer’s support in the market. No one else than buyers can witness the benefits of a product and this is exactly the case within extreme sports lovers, an elite group of sports people that knows the importance of a good image when the movement doesn’t allow a steady pose for the image capture. One of the brand’s stars products is the Feiyu G5GS, a handheld gimbal for Sony cameras that stand out from the rest because of its unique features.

 Feiyu G5GS

The best choice in handheld gimbal is Feiyu G5GS

Reason to use it: acquiring the handheld gimbal is a step you can’t skip when pursuing the perfect image secrets’. This product is aimed to provide you with an unmatched anti-shake technology for stabilization while filming. One of the main reasons to use a handled gimbal is that you can hold the camera and speak at the same time you walk, or do extreme sports, filming yourself video. This is a totally new experience for people who want to make every moment of their trip or parachute jump a memory for life.

Feiyu G5GS

Why a handheld gimbal and not an image stabilizer?: when you choose handheld gimbal, the image it really stable, not something half-way as it happens with an image stabilizer. Apart from that, the handheld gimbal allows you to orbit around the person or item you’re filming. Last but not least, the handheld gimbal allows a smooth panning to capture the surroundings in a natural and non-shaky way.

Feiyu G5GS

Awesome characteristics of the Feiyu G5GS

Splash-proof: the technology of this handheld gimbal assures you the best shots under the rain since water doesn’t ruin the experience or the equipment.

More freedom: the tilting and rolling axis make the 360-degree filming experience a smooth way of shooting the whole area.

App to improve the experience: a Feiyu App for Android provides the equipment with the gimbal mode switching, the parameter setting, the angle changing and the firmware.

Torque motor: the external force isn’t a problem anymore for the Feiyu G5GS since the motor torque received a 30% increase to make the shooting unique.

Feiyu G5GS

Real life experience

Once you start using the handheld gimbal, the shooting process stops being a stressing moment to become an enjoyable activity from the beginning to the end. As you can forget about the rain, you don’t have to stop filming a beautiful landscape just because it’s started raining. When you travel, you can bring wonderful memories back home and if you’re an extreme sports lover, you can record the adrenaline of the moment forever without shaking images that distract the viewers.



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