Make Life Easy with Quick Charge 3.0 Chargers

Fast charging technology is a great innovation and is really helpful for mobile users who are into heavy use of their smartphones. In this fast-paced world wherein people are always on the go, their mobile phones must always be charged. One way of doing this is by purchasing and using fast chargers.

quick charge 3.0

What is it?

The new quick charge 3.0 technology promises numerous improvements that were made over the previous generations of chargers. This new concept is made simple even though others think that it is complicated. Quick charges allow high current levels to flow and charge the battery of a smartphone. This drastic change was made to maximize the charging efficiency of batteries.


Another thing to put in mind is that these products charge batteries at higher voltages compared to other chargers. Ordinary cables can still be used even though there is a higher power rate transfer.

quick charge 3.0

Smartphone and quick charger should be compatible

However, the quick charger and phone must be compatible with one another. Both items should have the same charging currents and voltages. Some phones support 9V/2A charging and if you have a 1A charger, the charging process will be longer. Likewise, plugging a 9V/2A charger into a 0.7A phone will still have a longer charging time. It is possible to charge a smartphone quickly if it has a similar current charge capacity but some of these products are not certified and are not guaranteed to provide efficient results.

quick charge 3.0

Features of quick charge 3.0 products

There are chargers that can charge phones up to 80% in only 35 minutes. This is probably four times faster than the normal charging hours of the previous battery charging technologies. Products such as Xiaomi Mi-5, Blitzwolf BW-S5, and Aukey 49.5W Quick Charge 3.0 chargers are very popular.


These items are perfectly safe to use since they have built-in safeguards that protect against overheating, overcharging, and excessive current. These chargers can give a battery a 50 percent boost quickly, although it will probably take an hour to charge your phone battery to the maximum level. Universal battery charger took it up a notch by including a feature to adjust the charging voltage. As the phone battery charges, it draws less current thus making it safer to use since it uses enough voltage to charge the phone.

quick charge 3.0

Benefits of using quick chargers

Quick chargers are designed to optimize power transfer allowing the users to charge their smartphone batteries in a short period of time. These items are also energy efficient which is considered to be a major feature. Quick charge 3.0 products are developed for busy people to make their lives easier.

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