“M” series of MYSAGA

With the developing of its technology, there are some new phone brand rising in this market.As electronic product,quality and performance are important points for people to select a smart phone.The“M”series of the emerging MYSAGA smart phone can satisfy the demand of most people. With favorable price, such good-performance smart phone is worth to pick out and buy.
MYSAGA M1 4.5 Inch 4G ROM MTK6589 1.2GHz Quad-core Smartphone
MYSAGA produced MYSAGA M1 firstly. With 2.0MP pixel front camera and 8.0MP pixel back camera, M1 can be used to take clear and realistic pictures when you go travl.The 4.5 inch IPS screen can give you comfortable feel in your hand and you will enjoy watching movies.The effect is really good and when you play games. Quad core and large RAM&ROM covered in M1, running programs is very smooth.

After M1, MYSAGA M2 5 Inch 16G Android 4.2 MTK6589T 1.5GHz Quad-core Smartphone MYSAGA M2 appeared with more attention. With a more powerful configuration, M2 is more welcomed by the youngs.With 5 inch large HD screen, you can enjoy your games and movies more comfortably.Clearer screen can give you a better enjoyment of vision.Do you surprise with its 8.0MP pixel front camera and 13.0MP pixel back camera? You can take clear photos which is taken as a professional camera. It is a good way that you can only carry it to travel and record the beautiful scene without carrying camera. Beside,the dual SIM card and dual standby of it can let you deal with the relation of work and life better.It is difficult to find a phone with such great function.

Sum up the mentioned, M2 as the upgraded version is more powerful than M1 although they has familar appearance and reliable quality. M2 as a new product has outstanding function, and suitable for the people who pursue higher configuration.

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