Love Life, Choose OUKITEL A28 Smart Watch

Welcome to banggood channel. I am the emcee Jade. Today, we are going to discuss something benefiting our healthy life. And we sincerely invite OUKITEL A28 Smart Watch to be our guest. Let’s give a round of applause to welcome him.
Jade: Hello, can you introduce yourself in detail?

OU: Of course. My name is OUKITEL A28 SmartWatch. I am a high-performance and advanced smart watch, combining innovation with inheritance,injecting intelligent into classical. I always devote to providing the best service and convenience to broad masses.

Jade: Well, which aspect can show your best service and convenience?

OU: In fact, many aspects can show that. My strap adopts European first-rate calfskin Handcrafted, offering excellent quality, making sure every watch fit the wrist, and bringing high comfort. Also, coming with well-polished stainless steel metal frame and magnesium alloy solid construction, I can surly offer best service for a long period. Besides, the Wake Up Screen has more humanized design. Once you gently lift the wrist, the screen will be light automatically, which brings great convenience.

Jade: Yeah, it is an amazing design. But I heard that OUKITEL A28 has more considerate designs, didn’t it?

OU: You are right. I also contain IP53 professional waterproof design. In addition to prevent water, I also can protect myself from dust, rain and sweat, in order to ensure normal use. Moreover, equipped with IPS High-definition Screen, I would support the clear time or data for you. And I would give you perfect touch experience that simplifies the operation and saves more time.

Jade: Well, what, in your opinion, is your huge advantage?

OU: It is well-known that I am an advanced smart watch. And I insist that keeping pace with the times is the key to succeed. I am not only perfectly compatible with IOS and ANDROID, but also suitable for more than 99% smartphone by means of bluetooth function. Meanwhile, I support Instant Message Sync Function, you can simultaneously send the message to QQ, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Skype and so on. With the Remote Camera Function, you can control the smartphone to take photos.

Jade: It is a very smart smart watch, isn’t it? But our topic today is something benefiting the healthy life, what is the relation between you and healthy life?

OU: I indeed play an important role in healthy life. I am a good exercise guider for the combination of pedometer and heart rate monitoring. Through measuring heart at any time and recording the daily exercise and target completion status, you can reasonably formulate the plans. Better still, I am a responsible sedentary reminder, reminding you to move or stretch your body. You may never expect that I am also a sleep tracker, but I am in fact. I would assess your sleep quality, which benefits the advancement of your healthy habits.

Jade: What a superior smart watch you are! With the thoughtful designs and various advanced functions, I believe that OUKITEL A28 is bound to be more and more popular and valuable.

OU: I also believe that. And I hope the one wearing me can lead a colorful and healthy life.
Jade: Yeah, it should be so. At the end of our conversation, we thanks OUKITEL A28 Smart Watch once again, and look forward to your coming next time.

OU: Thank you so much.

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