Letv One le 1 First Benchmark, 50000+ AnTuTu Points

How ambitious! The first ever Letv One  le 1 Smartphone unexpectedly comes with MTK6795(Helio X10) Octa-core processor, along with 3GB RAM and 2.2GHz frequency, same as I mentioned on previous Letv One Specs. So, Benchmark ought to be the best opportunity to exert its power.
Letv One X600 le 1
50000+ AnTuTu Points

Without further introduction, AuTuTu is the most authorized benchmark software for Android smartphone. During first test for Letv One, software automatically detected a 64-bit CPU, therefore, exclusive 64-bit and 3D tests has been added. From a score of 50000+ AnTuTu points, 50586 to be precise, it has dropped most its competitors behind. Letv One X600 le 1


Among smartphone business, 3DMark is designed for capability of GPU. Previous MediaTek chipset didn’t performed pretty well in this part but Helio X10, the kernel which Letv One le 1 carried, is an exception. Over 10000+, 13959 points Ice Storm and 10914 points Ice Storm Extreme are the best demonstrations.
Letv One X600 le 1

As one standard measure of embedded website, Vellamo is now consist of HTML5 and Metal. For , 3192 HTML5 points reflects a decent browser performance, while 823 points of Metal shows terrific CPU system standard, nice 3D graphic processing and outperformed video displaying.
Letv One X600 le 1
In short, people should be excited about this masterpiece with Letv One Price only at $335.89, instead of childish feature, it is pretty sophisticated in many aspects. Regarding to more Letv One Reviews, we will keep posting it later on.

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