Lenovo K3 “Renxing” Version, Just 499RMB

After dropping the price for Lenovo K3 Note Smartphone, now, Lenovo is taking the opportunity of mid-year crazy sales and launching a brand new version– Lenovo K3 “Renxing” Smartphone, which costs 499RMB in JD China.
Lenovo K3 Note
“Renxing” means something powerful, unrestricted and decent in Chinese, is a kind of buzzword. Undoubtedly, the latest version has targeted Redmi 2A as competitor, but it is 100 RMB lower, just 499RMB, which can’t be called as the most favorable Lenovo smartphone.

Lenovo K3 “Renxing” version adopts 5-inch 720P screen, slightly bigger than Xiaomi 2A, along with 64-bit Snapdragon 410 Quad-core processor, 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM, 8MP rear camera+ 2MP front camera, 2300mAh battery.
Lenovo K3 Note
Though “Renxing” version is being tapped with a low cost, but it is literally fully functional as Lenovo K3 Note, gyroscope, digital compass, even MAXAUDIO audio effect and other additional gadgets are built in, just like nothing different to mid-range or premium smartphone.

As a flash deal, Lenovo K3 “Renxing” version will be on air on 10AM everyday from 9th, June, offered by JD China exclusively.

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