Lenovo A916 4G Vs Lenovo A606 4G, Which One Is Better?

Compare a four-core smartphone to the one with true eight-core, you may doubt it unnecessary to make comparison like this because it is never fair for both of them. However, without comparison, how will you know eight-core smartphone is faster or how fast can it be? Hence, it is irrevocable to find out which one is better, especially for Lenovo A916 4G and Lenovo A606 4G.

On internal processor
Lenovo A916 4G 5.5-inch HD MTK6592 Octa-core Smartphone
Logically, true 1.4GHz Octa-core processor derive from Lenovo A916 4G is faster, but faster doesn’t mean better in the final analysis. Surely it is enjoyable to put eight-core smartphone on handling single application because a two times faster reacting speed and accuracy is impressive. However, don’t underestimate internal performance derive from a maturer 1.3GHz Quad-core processor, although it is not as fast as the former, no one can deny its stability and efficiency when operating heavy assignments. In addition, never will it consume battery capacity as much as eight-core smartphone, hence, I will prefer Lenovo A606 4G the winner in this section.

On display effect

Apart from larger screen dimension, the advantage of Lenovo A916 4G is unsurpassed. What am I talking about are screen resolution, legibility as well as density. Undoubtless it is more enjoyable for reading and watching through a larger 5.5-inch screen with infinity perspective, superb legibility, high luminance and vivid display effect. Seldom will you feel exhausted even reading in depth. On the contrary, although four-core smartphone equip itself with golden ratio 5-inch screen, however, there is still room to be improved in several aspects. Without drama, Lenovo A916 4G is better disputably.

On cost performance
Lenovo A606 4G 5-inch Android 4.4.2 MTK6582 Quad-core Smartphone
Sounds a little bit brutal, whether tagging a lower price tag on each smartphone or not will define the winner of this comparison. It is undeniable that $135 reference price be pasted on Lenovo A606 4G Smartphone is preferential among other four-core smartphones, whereas, despite of core frequency shortage, a less than $175 price tag of Lenovo A916 4G with all the upgraded equipments and configuration is more fascinating between numerous true eight-core smartphones.

Of course, which one above do you prefer to most is all up to you. It is justified for you to take Lenovo A606 4G into consideration if it is exactly as what you need, for me, I will rather take Lenovo A916 4G as preference a little bit.

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