The LEAGOO S8 Smartphone review – probably the best cost performance available


Phones are currently becoming a necessity as everybody owns it today. With the introduction of smartphones, it has enhanced the advancement of technology in the communications industry and this is important as it will also revolutionize other industries. A variety of smartphones are currently in the market and which include the highly designed and manufactured LEAGOO S8 Smartphone which comes with high definition features. This is a phone that is able to perform various tasks and is a must-have phone for any smart person. You will be able to enjoy high definition videos, music, and clear photos.

LEAGOO S8 Smartphone

A design you will love

The phone comes with an appealing appearance that attracts you even by just looking at it. It is super thin measuring just 5.7 inches which is very convenient to carry even in your pocket. It also has a full-vision screen that comes with an ultra-thin bezel that is effective for your visual performance. This phone enhances extreme comfort for your hands and eyes as it is fitted with a massive full screen in a slim body. With this range of specs and features, the LEAGOO Smartphone has the highest performance and is the market leader currently.

LEAGOO S8 Smartphone

Powerful than ever

LEAGOO S8 Smartphone is powered with a Mediatek Helio MT6750T processor which is fast and convenient. It is built with 3GB of RAM and fast Mali T860-MP2 accelerator allowing you to store a variety of music, videos, and games without worrying about memory. For the game’s enthusiasts who will need extra memory, the phone allows 32GB OF ROM that can be expanded by inserting an SD card. This will present you with a chance to store all the games and videos you need and enjoy all the fun.

LEAGOO S8 Smartphone

Lit your photos to another level

If photography has been your hobby ever since then the LEAGOO S8 is your best catch. The phone is built with the amazing guad 13-megapixel camera that captures high definition photos and videos of both static and moving objects. The selfie enthusiasts are also not left behind as the phone comes with the 8-megapixel front camera. The phone enjoys 6 to 7 hours of active screen activity all thanks to the 290mAh in-built battery that is designed with it.


Other amazing features of LEAGOO S8 Smartphone include a fingerprint scanner, 1.5Ghz 8-core CPU, OS v7.0 optimized Android Nougat and 4G support. With all these state-of-the-art features that the phone is built with, it is an amazing design that brings an excellent functionality and superior high performance to everyone.


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