Latest AMIGOO MG200 For Just $64.99! Seriously?

There is no suspense, you can’t expect anything high-tech or exquisite at this price range if you are looking for a super cost-effective smartphone. Whereas, of late, one Chinese smartphone maker Amigoo dared to release their AMIGOO MG200 and marked a price at $64.99, but how does it turn out?
AMIGOO MG200 Smartphone
Undoubtedly, it has a pretty successful rear cover design as I literally have illusion looking at a LG G3 smartphone, round rear camera in the center, small physical button in silver underneath and flash on the left, how similar they are!

Better still, AMIGOO MG200 offers light blue and golden back cover available alongside standard white and black, along with exquisite craftsmanship(the gap between back cover and chassis genuinely is little), lovely exterior like this for $64.99 sounds pretty worthy.
AMIGOO MG200 Smartphone
However, you can’t judge a book by its cover. I’m a bit confused if Amigoo try providing us with competitive and cost-effective low-range smartphone as in the light of basic specs, they are going in the wrong direction. Coming with primitive MTK6572 Dual-core, 512MB RAM, Android 4.4.2 KitKat, 5-inch QHD display, not to mention low 5MP prime camera, all of these sounds pathetic.
AMIGOO MG200 Smartphone
Of course, you may argue basic specs doesn’t stand for everything, that’s true, but seems that you can dig nothing further at all. AMIGOO MG200 Smartphone carries no more than just GPS and decent 2800mAh battery, features like IR control, HotKnot, fast charge, gesture recognition, none of them are given.

In short, what do you think about this stuff? Will it be an ideal spare phone for you? Let me know your answer.

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