Large Or Tiny, JIAYU Can Greet Your Desire

JIAYU is a smartphone manufacturer that famous for advanced technology and sophisticated performance. Although it is just an emerging enterprise established a couple of years ago, their product with its own feature and outstanding point has suited the demand of different consumers.
JIAYU F1 4-Inch 512MB RAM MT6572 1.3Ghz Dual-core Smartphone
As an earlier-published version, JIAYU F1 is designed as the most cost-effective smartphone on that occasion, which is their concept in creating every single product. Thanks to this great notion, JIAYU F1 became one of the hottest selling smartphone ever. In the aspect of appearance, it adopted a 4-inch WVGA screen with an resolution of 480*800, it sounds a little bit out of dated, however, the tiny size provided better operation with one hand only, meanwhile, it saved the power amazingly. In addition, equipped with an 1.3GHz Dual-core processor, it is just passable compared to many other smartphone, however, it is adequate to run gadgets, applications smoothly. More importantly, it adopted low power consumption as well, which save the battery utmostly. Everything is just so far so good, however, with only 76 us dollars retail price, how can you not be moved by this cost-effective smartphone?

On the contrary, JIAYU S1 is the newest creation with larger touch screen and maturer performance. There is no doubt that JIAYU S1 has followed the main stream of the era changing rapidly. Came with a 5-inch Gorilla Glass 2 touch screen that imported from Japan, added to a higher configuration 1920*1080 pixels resolution, creating a whole broader perspective experience for users, the display effect is as vivid as the real. Underneath the lovely screen is its explosive force. Equipped with 1.7GHz Quad-core processor, any large applications or heaJIAYU S1 5-inch Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 1.7Ghz Quad-core Smartphonevy assignments can be run easily, no “traffic jam” will bother you at all. Combined to compulsory applications available like 3G, NFC, OTG, it will definitely be fond of young generations.

Two different style smartphones with different notion available for your selection, taken as a whole, JIAYU is so good at making these comprehensive cell phone with completed functions but unique traits, which has suit consumer’s demand greatly.

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