KZ ZS5: Creat A Music Heaven For You

Music, as for me, seems like the condiment in my life. I can taste the sweet from fine-sounding words in love songs, and I feel salty when listening to some depressed bitter songs. Of course, it is songs that give me life passion to live on. In a word, music plays the most important role in one’s life. As a music enthusiast, there is no doubt that I am so picky on the selection of music equipment. Earphone is one of them, which acts as a tool at the music transmission between the display and the listener. Moreover earphone can protect you from the noisy sound effectively, making you enjoy your music or movies at your ease. Actually, when you are in public, you’d better wear your earphone when watching so as to disturb others. Therefore, how to choose a super-quality earphone become the biggest issue.


Besides its practical function, earphone is treated as the symbol of fashion. Faced with the market need, KZ ZS5 has tried its best to integrate good looking and super performance perfectly to satisfied the need of professional class musician, music enthusiast and other picky listeners.

In order to show user’s personality, KZ ZS5 is designed in a three-dimensional contouring with a hard looking, which is so cool when I saw it at the first sight. This earphone all blow away the competition in both quality and aesthetics. I am so over the moon to own such a good thing.

kz zs5

Without doubt, only the good looking can’t make it so outstanding. It is its configuration that drives it into the high-end ranks. There are four moving coil units and four dynamic iron units incorporated into it. Two balanced armatures and two dynamic drivers design immerse users in music. The outstanding acoustic design can bring you deeper and more powerful bass rhythms. As we all know, bass rhythms is always so hard to find. So it can become the significant criterion for testing the quality of an earphone. What’s more, KZ ZS5 is featured with a built-in Knowles’ Sisonic microphone and you can remote it easily to control the volume, change the tracks and answer your calls.

kz zs5

KZ ZS5 is compatible with iOS, Android devices and all 3.5mm jack devices. If you wanna buy a high-quality earphone with perfect performance, maybe you can think it over.

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