Know More About Xiaomi Mini USB Fan

Surely Xiaomi Mini USB Fan has successfully seized most titles and spotlights of all E-commences this week, but before making a purchase, you’d better pay highly attentions to something below.
Xiaomi USB Mini Fan Xiaomi USB Mini Fan
Q: Is it possible to adjust the wind of speed?
A: Unadjustable! You can’t adjust the wind at this point.

Q: Does it compatible with USB ports from Xiaomi Socket?
A: Fully functional! It can be used directly by plugging into Xiaomi Socket. Besides, it is compatible with power bank, PC, laptop, USB connector, car charger and other devices with USB port as well.

Q: How quiet?
A: Only 25.8dB, like light wind blows your face.

Q: Is there a switch or something?
A: There is no built-in switch but you can use the switch button on Xiaomi power bank to control the fan.

Q: Does it react with smartphone charging adapter?
A: Xiaomi USB Fan comes with standard USB port, which is suitable for any digital device easily.

Q: How long can it last with 5000mAh power bank?
A: 20 hours! Regarding other power banks, 38 hours with Xiaomi 10000mAh power bank, 62 hours with Xiaomi 16000mAh Power Bank.
Xiaomi USB Mini Fan
Without “extra credits” above, surely you are more confident with this exquisite Xiaomi Fan. Mind you, it costs about 5 US dollars right now and more sales campaign is counting down.

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