KALAIDENG Microphone Earphone, Just Different

All earphones looks the same, but resonance, audio output, deep bass effect, wearing comfort and among any others are vary greatly from individual to individual, even between those $2 or $3 earphone, KALAIDENG Microphone Headset ought to be one typical demonstration.
KALAIDENG Microphone Headset
It will be an overkill asking $4.31 earphone to feature internal components like patented “Sandwich” from Xiaomi, or 3rd generation damping system, even so, KALAIDENG’s has optimized audio output at their best, by professional tuner calibration and metal ear shell cavity structure, which are keys to stunning performance.

Instead of in-ear or hanging design, KALAIDENG Microphone Earphone adopts traditional one piece earpad with mesh on the surface, couple that to outer high-quality metal cover and inner 15mm generating unit oxygen-free copper coil, decent sound quality should not be a problem.
KALAIDENG Microphone Headset
“Universal” it also only of its symbols. High elastic TPE wire material not only gives comfortable feeling but also cater to different uses, music, calls, sports, etc, even with passable water resistance.

Thanks to standard 3.5mm silver-plated pins, it is fully compatible with most Android, iOS, music player, tablet and other electronic devices, not universal enough?
KALAIDENG Microphone Headset
Even under such a tough condition and drastic outer contest, as well as being restricted by the cost, KALAIDENG Microphone Headset has successfully make itself stick out of the rest, at least it never is an inconspicuous one with general resemblance with mirror difference to those negligible earphones.

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