More Than Just A Watch

As time went by, the importance of a smartphone is increasing rapidly, we can processing any operation that closely related to Cenovo CX19 Anti-Radiation Vibrating Bluetooth Watch Phoneour life like Internet purchasing, access to any information and so on. Cell phone has gradually replaced the position of computer in our daily life. Now, with the released and developed of watch phone, we can anticipate one day that watch phone replace cell phone as the most convenient and widely used device in the future.

Like the traditional watch, the watch phone is still using the special bracelet design with tiny size and beautiful outlook. Cenovo CX19 and Cenovo CX09 are the two covered with smooth surface and organic light-emitting diode display screen, added to the special bracelet design that fits your wrist properly, demonstrate the entire exterior fashionable and elegant, it is suitable for any dressing and presenting in any vital occasions like party, meeting, banquet. By the way, you can still get any information like date, time and others on the panel.
Cenovo CX09 Anti-lost Vibrating Bluetooth Watch Phone
However, unlike the traditional watch that showing the time only, Cenovo CX10 can do more for you. You can easily connecting the device with your cell phone via Bluetooth, any incoming calls can be answered or rejected by operating the watch phone, which is extremely easy, reduce the radiation and tiredness even talking for long time. In addition, thanks to the Bluetooth connection, once the cell phone is out of range, the watch phone will vibrate in case of loss or stolen, it is quite effective in a way. Moreover, some other watch phone has equipped the watch pCenovo CX10 Anti-lost Vibrating Bluetooth Watch Phonehone a tiny display screen, like the smartphone, any operation like messaging, email, phone call, book reading are full capable on it, providing even more convenience under any circumstances, definitely it will play an essential role around the corner.

To sum up, although it is just at the beginning of development, nobody can underestimate its potential as another helpful accessories around us in the coming era, it is more than just a watch wearing on your wrist.

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