More Than Just A Futuristic Phone

What if I tell you life could be made much easier in an affordable way. Nowadays, there are a lot of things that might frustrate someone. We do as much as possible to make our lifestyle more bearable, easier and less stressful. There’s a solution for this and Elephone P8 Max Android phone is here.

Elephone P8 Max

Why Elephone P8 Max?

There’s a wide variety of reasons why this is among the best android phones in 2018. The features it comes with makes it stand out from the rest. Let’s look at some of the notable features that will make your life more easier.


4GB Ram

An Android phone with such a powerful ram makes it perfect for heavy users. This phone can handle different applications without hanging and at a very high speed. It works as well as other phones with a higher ram.


Octa Core Processor

This is another function that adds to this sleek designed phone. An octa processor makes multitasking a common everyday trend. As a user, you can open many tabs and work on them simultaneously. There’s no need of closing each tab so as to have a seamless experience. This phone guarantees a smooth and easy usability. Also, this type of core does not consume a lot of power during use making it efficient.

Elephone P8 Max

Large and Expandable Memory

An inbuilt 64GB internal memory gives you more than enough storage space. You can be able to save your files and videos in one place without the need of adding an external memory. But if you need extra storage, it can be expanded up to 128 GB. All your files can be located in one place thus enhancing convenience and ease.


Long-lasting Battery

Another amazing feature is inclusive of a 5000 mAh battery. This is among the highest capacity an android phone has. Now you’ll be able to use your phones for endless hours without the need of a recharge. The amazing capacity can go up to 24 hours making it ideal for camping and road trips.

Elephone P8 Max

World-class Camera

Not to forget, we all love taking photos if we spot something cool. This phone has a 16MP and 13MP rear and back camera respectively. This will ensure crystal clear photos that do not require edits and filters. One snap is equal to one added memory. Using this camera will not only add to your gallery collection but also, increase your photography skills. In addition to this, it has a double flash functionality that makes a perfect photo in any setting. Be it during the day or at night. There’s no need to buy a lighting system to make your photos stand out.


Wide Display

Lastly, a phone that has a wide display of 5.5 inches makes usability easy and more visible. Forget about squinting to be able to use your phone. This wide display is perfect for reading, chatting and even writing out short notes.

Elephone P8 Max

To conclude, Elephone P8 Max is a world-class phone that is very affordable. There’s no other phone on the market that has these amazing features for under 155 USD. This is a great price that guarantees a seamless user experience with added memories. Take that bold step and get yourself one. An elegant phone for that elegant person.

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