JIAYU, Surefooted Rather Than Flashy

Apparently, in order to increase the market share of smartphone, more and more inferior cell phone manufacturer play tricks on consumers by posting fake advertisement, modifying the configuration arbitrarily. It can successfully improve the selling in short, whereas, it is not the healthiest development for manufacturer in domestic market. In contrast, JIAYU is walking on a positive, surefooted path, hence, their smartphone is expected by consumers.

As a kind of smartphone released recently, JIAYU G2F, which designed for a bulk of appointed consumers. Frankly speaking, its exterior is just passable for me because of matte surface covered with pure main color, demonstrate neatness and conciseness only. However, its display effect is quite impressive compared to other similar smartphones. It adopted a 4.3-inch IPS Gorilla Glass 2 multi-touch screen panel, with and resolution of 854*480 pixels, the dimension is proper and never too large to hurt your eyes, besides, the display effect is legible without magnify, all details can be expressed freely. Don’t underestimate this tiny size smartphone, it provide adequate convenience for carry-out, operation and displaying, how impressive it is.

As far as surefooted is mentioned, JIAYU G2F thought highly of practicability very much. Different to manufacturer who chasing high configuration blindly, JIAYU has researched and developed independently. It equipped JIAYU G2F with 1.3GHz Quad-core processor, which can run any applications and gadgets smoothly, meanwhile, a fast processing speed and accuracy is guaranteed, which satisfy the demand for modern people. In addition, simply fast is deficient, entertainment plays an important role in users. JIAYU G2F particularly adopted to Wolfson chip to record music and videos independently, firmly you will enjoy the melody once putting your earphone on. What’s more,JIAYU G2F 4.3-inch 4GB ROM MTK6582 Quad-core 1.3Ghz Smartphone various of delicate applications like OTG, GPS, antenna clock, picture caller identification that added more fun and amusement for user everyday, decorating their life more convenient and beautiful.

Taken as a whole, there is no doubt that JIAYU G2F is not the best smartphone rely on beautiful outward and high configuration, however, surely it is a smartphone drove in practicability and surefooted spirit.

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